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Trimlawn Landscape Services can handle installing and maintaining the drainage for your property in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Our experts have a variety of approaches to drainage including digging swales and installing french drains.

Trimlawn Landscape Services offers a variety of lawn drainage solutions for businesses and homeowners throughout Atlanta GA. Call (770) 925-4988 to receive a free drainage estimate today. Below are some of the various drainage solutions our team provides.

Protecting Foundations and Landscapes With French Drains

Also known as a trench drain or a perimeter drain, a French drain system is comprised of one or more channels of rock and/or underground pipe that helps carry water away from the home’s foundation. Trimlawn’s landscape specialists have considerable experience installing and repairing French drains at Atlanta homes to ensure water is properly routed away from your house.

If you find that your yard or lawn is always wet or has a lot of standing water, you may need a french drain. A french drain collects, channels, and diverts water safely away from your home or patio areas. If you have a sloping yard, the goal is to always make sure that water is following the downslope. It is important to not let these types of issues persist because water is known to cause foundation issues which are very costly.

Trimlawn Landscaping Services can easily diagnose and fix your drainage issue. French drain installations are our specialty and can be a great way to help fix your standing water and provide a drainage solution. We will happily and promptly install a french drain at your home before the problem can get any worse.

Dry Creek Beds

Another approach to dealing with excess water on your property is to install dry creek beds to redirect water away from your home and help prevent soil erosion. Dry creek beds are excellent at diverting water. Plus, they’re relatively affordable to install. Trimlawn Landscape Services may recommend installing a dry creek bed if your property is susceptible to flooding during heavy rain.


A swale can be either natural or manmade slopes in the land that helps control where water collects on a property. The area beneath a swale may be filled with gravel or other material to help accelerate the absorption of water into the ground. This method is a good approach for areas of land that are often overwhelmed with water.

Basement Leak Repair

Inadequate drainage and standing water can lead to leaks into the basement. If it’s an ongoing issue, it could be due to problems with your gutter system or downspouts. Other times, severe weather and heavy rains can cause water to start entering the basement. Trimlawn Landscape Services knows how to respond to these emergencies to prevent additional damage to your property. Let our seasoned drainage solutions specialists examine the scope of the problem. We will work to stop the leak immediately and work within your budget to develop a drainage plan to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Trimlawn Offers High-Quality French Drainage Solutions

Since 1981, Trimlawn Landscape Services has remained committed to our customers throughout the Atlanta GA area. Call us today to learn more about our wide range of landscape solutions and receive a free estimate for installing drainage into your home’s landscaping. No matter the job, our team is always happy to help. We look forward to working with you! Give us a call today at  (770) 925-4988.

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