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Trimlawn Landscape Services provides seeding and sodding services to homeowners throughout Atlanta. Call us at (770) 925-4988 to receive your free estimate today.

Let Trimlawn Landscape Services handle seeding and sodding for your property. Depending on your unique needs, you may wish to plant new grass seed or simply install sod to cover up some barren spots on your lawn. Either way, our landscaping specialists are happy to help.

Aeration and Dethatching

To prepare the ground to receive seeds, the soil will need to be thoroughly aerated. This process involves puncturing holes in the substrate which gives oxygen and moisture easy entry into the soil. It may also be necessary to perform dethatching on your lawn to accelerate grass growth. Dethatching involves raking up debris and stray vegetation that may inhibit the growth of your lawn by restricting the amount of sunlight, moisture, and nutrients reaching the soil. By preparing the lawn for seeding with aeration and dethatching, new grass seeds will be encouraged to grow much faster.


For lawns that contain some grass already, overseeding may be a good option. With overseeding, new grass seed is applied to the existing lawn to encourage new growth and cover up any patches. This approach is often used to promote thicker lawn growth and help the landscape recover from pest infestations or plant diseases. We will inspect your property to determine if overseeding is the best way to introduce new grass to your property.


Sodding is the process of applying squares of grass and soil that have been pre-cut to bare areas of the lawn. Sod squares are available with a grass such as Zoysia or Bermuda. Laying sod is the fastest way to cover up barren spots on your property, especially if it’s difficult to stimulate natural growth in a particular area. Trimlawn Landscape Services will provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the amount of sod needed to cover small patches or an entire property.


Once your lawn has been seeded or sodded, we will handle topdressing the newly planted grass with organic material to help accelerate germination and growth. Topdressing gives your new grass direct access to the nutrients it needs to flourish and contributes to optimal lawn health going forward. We will monitor the health of your grass over time to ensure it’s getting all the sustenance needed to thrive.

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For almost 30 years, Trimlawn Landscape Services has provided superior seeding and sodding services throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Call us today to receive a free estimate for your property. Our landscaping specialists will address your needs and work within your budget to develop a lawn care plan that works for you. Don’t tolerate a barren lawn for another day. Improve your home’s curb appeal with the help of our friendly team of experts.

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