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Trimlawn Landscape Services provides reliable and affordable landscape design and installation to home and business owners throughout the Atlanta area. Call (770) 925-4988 to receive a free landscape design & installation estimate today.

Trimlawn Landscape Services remains a trusted provider of complete landscape design and installation services throughout the Atlanta area. Our landscape team will work with you to design a landscape that highlights the unique features of your property. We have nearly 40 years of professional experience with landscape reshaping, soft scaping, xeriscaping, and more. Trust in Trimlawn Landscape Services to maintain your Atlanta GA home’s curb appeal.

Landscape Design Services

We will meet with you to go over landscape design options that fit your property, budget, and personal tastes. Next, our team will create a 2D or 3D rendering of the new landscape design. Trimlawn Landscape Services provides a variety of landscaping solutions to best improve the look of your property. Once you’ve decided on the design you want, we’ll provide an estimate and timeline for the project before moving forward. Our team will communicate with you through the entire landscape installation process and address any concerns you may have along the way.


Rely on our landscaping professionals to install and maintain all the flowers, trees, and vegetation around your home. We will monitor the health of perennials, annuals, shrubs, and saplings all year long. Our associates are happy to discuss introducing new plant species to your landscape to support the balance of your lawn’s ecosystem.


Some homeowners appreciate the aesthetics and advantages of xeriscaping ideas. Xeriscaping refers to any landscaping that incorporates more elements like rocks, stones, and plants that require little water. This type of landscaping often utilizes a drip irrigation system to deliver water to plants. We can also install artificial turf to accommodate your needs.

Landscape Reshaping

At any point in time, our team is happy to make alterations to your landscape or create an entirely new design from scratch. We will take care of aeration, trenching, seeding, and all the ongoing maintenance needed to keep your property looking perfect. Over the seasons and years, our associates will work with you to create the landscape you want.

Ongoing Landscape Maintenance

Our reliable, experienced landscape specialists will monitor the health of plants on your property to keep them looking their best. We can take care of the trimming, pruning, dethatching, mulching, and more. Following a severe weather event, you can also count on us to provide quick lawn cleanup services as well.

Best Atlanta Landscape Design Company

Since 1981, Trimlawn Landscape Services has remained committed to providing quality landscape service to businesses and homeowners across the Atlanta, Georgia area. Call us to schedule a free landscaping design & installation consultation and estimate today. Our friendly landscaping associates are happy to discuss various landscape design ideas with you and answer any lawn care questions you may have. Call (770) 925-4988 today.


Professional, high quality landscape service in Atlanta. From landscape design, landscape installation and landscape maintenance, landscape drainage, lawn care plus much more.

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